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Theta Industries has been the industry leader in thermal physical properties measurement and Theta Viscometer manufacturing of scientific thermal test equipment for almost 50 years. We remain dedicated to bringing our customers the finest combination of software, hardware, quality and support to create the most advanced and dependable thermal analysis equipment available. We offer a full range of instruments for industrial, scientific, research and education including high temperature Viscometers, Dilatometers, quenching deformation dilatometers ...

DilaSoft Software dilatometer high temperature viscometer

Industry Leading DilaSoft Software

for computer automated experiment control, data collection and analysis of collected data for Dilatometer, Viscometer, DTA and TGA.

New for October 2014 - DilaSoft I V3 : Feature rich - easy to use!

  • All major windows are sizable for high resolution screens.
  • Automatic experiment archiving and Calibration Reports.
  • 100 program segments with cycling to allow segment sections to be run multiple times plus an interactive graphic chart displaying the actual temperature profile over time.
  • Customizable visual and/or audible voice alerts available for each program segment.
  • Many run-time parameters can be modified while an experiment runs, including the entire temperature program.
  • Quick Reports for one button data, table and chart reports.
  • Delayed start and pre-heat the furnace options.
  • Automatic specimen length and data filename allow rapid production experiments with limited user input.
  • Critical program parameters can be locked with optional password protection to prevent inadvertent changes.
  • Optional automatic archiving of all experiment data and parameters.
  • Analyze offers many of the most used predefined charts which can be fully customized by the user plus data smoothing, spike removal, conversions between inches and millimeters, Celsius and Fahrenheit, customizable table reports and many other features.
  • No limit to the number of collected and stored data points.
  • All data is saved in plain ASCII text format that is easily imported into any other program.
DilaSoft III and information on the Dilatronic III Quenching Deformation Dilatometer.

Windows software for the Quench - Deformation Dilatometer. Screen shots are now up in the Software section.

Pictures and block diagrams are now available for the Dilatronic III Quenching Deformation Dilatometer.

DilaSoft I V3 for Windows
version 3.01!

October 2014: The new DilaSoft I V3 version 3.01.x for Viscometers, Dilatometers and DTA/TGA is ready for release. This update includes automatic Calibration Reports, sizable windows, archiving of all experiment data and parameters, optional password locking of configuation, redesigned user interface, better Windows 8.1 compatibility, improved table reports in Analyze plus many fixes and enhancments.

Previous changes include the removal of the 90 character limit for file paths in analyze, preventing the computer from going into sleep or hibernate mode while an experiment runs, the new Percent of Change feature to the analysis software and many new features and fixes added to the temperature program editing plus full software/instrument configuration locking, saving and loading of all software/instrument settings and saving a "Calibration Report". For the DT98xx DA: Digital switching is now active ; data logging now runs on a precision timer for tenth of a second accuracy; now supports the 4-head Dilatometer. See the Updates page for more info.

high temperature viscometer

High Temperature Viscosity

High temperature precision Rotating, Parallel Plate and Bending Beam Viscometers. Measuring ranges from 5 to 1014 cP ( centiPoise. ). Temperature ranges from ambient through 1800°C. We have a design and temperature range to meet your needs. ASTM C965 ASTM C1276 ASTM C598

Thermal Expansion Dilatometry

Industrial, scientific, research and educational Dilatometers for the measurement of thermal expansion, percent of expansion, alpha ( CTE - Coefficient of Thermal Expansion), phase change and more in either °C or °F, inches or mm with a temperature range of -200°C through 2500°C. From inexpensive educational dial gauge instruments through high temperature differential high precision instruments including the Quenching Deformation dilatometer. ASTM E228 ASTM A1033

Thermal Analysis DTA-TGA

DTA, TGA and DTA/TGA combinations.

thermal materials testing

Testing Services

We do the thermal materials testing on your samples on a fee basis in our own labs. We can supply reports containing any or all of our available plots and customized table data including the entire data file printed, on CD or both.

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Contact Information

Contact Theta Industries for sales of new instruments, support, service or upgrades for older instruments, replacement parts and materials, equipment and software upgrades.

Sales - service - parts questionnaires

Inquiry forms for Instrument, parts and service purchase.

Fill out the on-line forms to automatically send the inquiry to us directly or download and print PDF versions to mail or fax for new instrument purchase, spare parts replacement and materials testing services.

Sales - service - parts questionnaires

Published Research Papers

A selection of research papers featuring Theta instruments.

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Theta Industries, Inc is the premier manufacturer of dilatometer, high temperature viscometer, DTA/TGA and other thermal testing equipment since 1966.